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December 22, 2006
New P2PChat website
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It’s been a long time since I’ve been officially active on P2PChat, but there’s been something coming. And now I’ve finally released the new P2PChat website, considering my designing skills it very beautiful, the sad part is that it properly says more about my designing skills, than the new website. As of this moment the website almost empty, but there will be new screenshots and download links as soon as release 1.0 is done.

I’ve also just committed the a complete rewrite of libP2PChat, the library behind P2PChat. The new implementation is actually my third rewrite, the others were never released and was never finished. Currently it’s only committed to the SVN repository and it haven’t been tested yet. So there’s properly a few bugs to fix before final release. I’m also doing a complete rewrite of the frontend, becuase the new backed isn’t backwards compatible; and I’ve discovered that the auto-opacity feature makes P2PChat crash on most systems. I’ve heard that Mono have native opacity through a compositing engine, perhaps the linux client could have some opacity feature. But I’m sad to say that I don’t think my WM can run the opacity effects.

Anyway, the new backend (libP2PChat) is going to rock. Because this time I’ve more or less removed the limitations. I’ve done that by allow different message types, and all messages are handled by a protocol extension. Making both the library and frontend implementation much more flexible.

December 1, 2006
Implementating a WebDAV server in PHP
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As programming project in my Programming C lessons me and one of my mates (Ismail) have been developing a WebDAV server in PHP. The project was called MySQL2WebDAV, the idea was to write a WebDAV server using MySQL as data storage. As some sort of virtual file system abstraction of a MySQL database. We started of with HTTP_WebDAV_Server, an abstract base class that handles most of the WebDAV specific features.

The WebDAV server was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever debugged. If you ever plan to write a WebDAV server remember to check out Litmus, a WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite. Very useful stuff if you want to debug a remote WebDAV server.

Anyway, almost all platforms are shipping with WebDAV browsers, it’s definitively an interesting protocol. Just imagine a WebDAV representation of the post in your blog or content management system.

I don’t think my source can be of much use, if you want to play with WebDAV implementations in PHP. My source is both buggy, very ogly and half done, anyway I’ve it made available here (Some comments and documentation in Danish, sorry).