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January 31, 2010
zbar-sharp, now bugfixed and pushed to github
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I’ve long been wanting to play with Git, but have either missed the time or the reason… Anyway, as I discovered a minor bug in the zbar-sharp bindings I recently released… I figured this might just be the kind of project I could push to github, and either forget or bugfix depending on what mood I’m in when a bug is discovered… 🙂
So I’ve created a github repository for zbar-sharp, to which I’ve published a minor bugfix… I’ve also managed to publish the documentation there… it was a bit tricky, because GitHub only wants to serve HTML files if they’re in a special branch… Nevertheless I succeeded… And zbar-sharp can now be found here:

By the way did I mention, git is really nice… I just had a little fun making a bugfix branch and merging it…

January 17, 2010
Design patterns
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I recently finished reading “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” and thought I’d share a word about this book. Not that there’s much to say, it’s absolutely a classic, and definitely worth a read…

I’ve found the patterns applicable many places, and recently had the privilege of using one in my C# programming exam. I previous mentioned this book when I discussed “Framework Design Guidelines“, which I wasn’t too happy about at the time… However, “Design Patterns” is definitely the book for writing reusable code, whereas “Framework Design Guidelines” is more concerned with the usability of the APIs.

Anyway, that was a word on “Design Patterns”, definitely worth a read…