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October 13, 2006
WikiPlot stable release (1.0.0)
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Today, we have released WikiPlot 1.0.0, we consider it relatively stable. As you might know WikiPlot is a part of a project me and some of my mates have been doing in our programming lessons. Well today, it was quiet stable and we had to hand in our project, so it was hard to find a better day to call it final release 🙂

To someone this might seem like we pushed a little early release, because of our deadline. Well it’s most likely true, perhaps it should just have been a beta release. But when Novel van call OpenSuSE 10.1 a final release, then why can’t we 🙂

Anyway, we will of couse be bug fixing, but I don’t expect to find at lot of them… If you find any please report to our issue tracker…

October 12, 2006
On-the-fly plotting with PlotClass
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Test of PlotClass In the development of WikiPlot, which is getting really close to a release, we have written some classe for plotting mathematical expressions using php. Now I have finally be able to relase a public test version of the plotting class:

Where expression is a mathematical expression, like 2x^2+4sin(3x) or what ever sick expression you may find 🙂

Anyway it’s the internal plotting class for WikiPlot, and you can try out…

September 1, 2006
WikiPlot Import to SVN
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Today I imported WikiPlot to Google Code‘s SVN repository, and there by officially started the project. WikiPlot is a plotting extension for MediaWiki, written in php. It isn’t all done yet, but the php plotting class is getting stable. After that the plan is to write an interface to MediaWiki and catching functionality. The project is hosted at Google Code hosting, because they offer a simple solution with SVN. I experience with SourceForge and it is indeed a good hosting solution. But I thought our project was too small and would fit better in at Google Code.

It all started, this year when I started having lessons in programming at school, since me and some other “geeks” knows a “little” more about php/programming, then they were teaching, the teacher wouldn’t force us follow their basic programming course, which is what they are doing in the start. Anyway the teacher didn’t care about what we were doing as long as it was in php. And since I kind of need a plotting feature for my wiki, I thought it would be a nice project. So me and some of the other guy’s started developing WikiPlot.

Since I haven’t had time to create a homepage for WikiPlot, you can follow the development from this blog (See categories). I’m properly going to make the WikiPlot homepage a part of my homepage once it’s implemented and stable. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.