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October 29, 2008
Announcing TheLastRipper development discussion group/list
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It’s been quite a while since I’ve been actively developing TheLastRipper, even though I’ve been promising myself I’d find time for it over and over again…
But since there’s other people who have shown interest for the project, I’ve decided that it’s probably best if project coordination happens in an open forum instead of just sending mails between developers. Therefore I’ve created a TheLastRipper development discussion group for discussion of project direction, features, technical matters etc. without always having to create an issue in the issue tracker.
I’m not leaving the project, just realizing that with my current activity or just in general, it’d probably be good for a project with multiple developers to have a development list for discussions of all the stuff we can’t fit in the issue tracker.

So if you’re interested in TheLastRipper development join today

Update: I’m happy to announce that Andreas Langmann is also a project owner now, so that I’m not the only administrator…