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October 17, 2009
Musicplayer module for pluck
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I’ve been working a bit on a website for a friend, not computer literate, so I took a look around for a simple, easy to use, content management system without a million uselessĀ  features and found pluck. It’s simple and yet supports modules to extend the functionality, though within limits…

Anyway, I needed a MusicPlayer module that would make it easy to publish music in Flash based music player, so I wrote one. The documentation for pluck is fairly good, php on the other hand is horrible (it took me a while to figure out I had to enable error reporting). Nevertheless, the result allows the user to upload mp3s, choose player skin and settings. For playback I used Xspf Jukebox which has 20 skins included some of which are fairly good looking…

You can download the module here… It’s for pluck 4.6, tested with 4.6.3.

Update: This plugin is now hosted at github: