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February 17, 2007
TheLastRipper release 1.0.0 RC
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TheLastRipper Aboutbox LinuxThe last week I’ve been working a lot on TheLastRipper, an audo stream ripper for first I got the project hosted at google code. Later I ported the code to Windows using Windows.Forms. And as of yesterday the code was finally stable enough to be released. There’s still some inexplainable issues, which I’ll post later on the known issues page of each platform. The releases can be found at the project page:

I’m still not done with the OS X client, hopefully I’ll manage to get an .app ready. Either using Windows.Forms or Cocoa#. I’ve had some success using Windows.Forms under X11, but the macpack utils won’t pack it correctly. Porting to Cocoa is kind of on hold currently, since none of the cocoa samples found can be compiled and no documentation of the C# bindings is available.

Personally I’m pretty proved of the artwork, not because I want to take all the credit for it. The rest of TheLastRipper developer team, have done a lot here. They are also the guys I’m doing the school project with, they’re not much into programming, but they do know a thing or two about artwork. Well all the artwork was done in Inkscape 0.45, the new blur effect is just a little too nice. Some clipart has been “stolen” from public domain ressources at Wikipedia or

February 7, 2007
Delphi BlogReader
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BlogReaderSå er jeg blevet færdigt med endnu et programmerings projekt, denne gang i delphi. Ikke fordi jeg bryder mig om delphi, faktisk synes jeg det er et forfærdeligt sprog. Syntaksen i delphi er værre en VB(.Net), at nogle mennesker overhovedet kan overskue en sådan kode går over min forstand. Desuden ligger det langt fra min tankegang et benytte et ikke standardiseret sprog, med kun en leverandør som oven i købet ikke frigiver kildekode. Den “nye” genoplivning af delphi (explorer edition), som vi har benyttet i skolen er da slet heller ikke noget at råbe hurra for.

Men nok om delphi’s elendigheder, jeg kunne jo komme til at fornærme nogle borland fans. Som projekt i delphi har jeg udviklet en BlogReader til at læse RSS feeds med. I modsætningen til nogle af de andre programmerings projekter jeg har lavet i programmering C, vil jeg mene at dette projekt er fuldstændig uden potentiale. Ikke mindst fordi det er skrevet i delphi, men også fordi det ikke er skyggen af innovation i projektet. Alligevel vil jeg da for traditions skyld frigive kildekoden, projekt filer og rapport. Hvis det da skulle være til nogens interesse. Du kan finde de distribuerede filer her.

February 4, 2007
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The last few weeks I’ve been working on a project called TheLastRipper, an audio stream ripper for It’s not all done yet, but it’s getting close. It’s written in C# and I’m planing to port it to both Windows and OS X using both MS .Net Framework and Mono. Currently there’s only a Mono/Linux client, it should be possible to port it to gtk#/Mono/Windows pretty fast, but I think I’m going to create a native Windows.Forms interface instead.

Anyway, I’m here by making the first alpha version available for testing. Now I’ve never packaged anything before, so there’s no guaranties on the package. But it’s probably better than the tarball, since the tarball only installs two .Net assemblies, and no mono wrapper script in /usr/bin/ or menu entries.
If you know anything about debian/ubuntu packaging please give me some feedback on the packaging:

By the way, the project is part of a school project I’m doing in technology about copyright, music and luxury. This is relevant because in Danish copyright law, it’s legal to rip unencrypted audio streams, like, but please don’t take my word for it, I’m not done with the project and I’ll look more into the Danish copyright laws later. The Danish Ministry of culture has a piece on copyright and audio stream ripping.