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October 13, 2006
WikiPlot stable release (1.0.0)
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Today, we have released WikiPlot 1.0.0, we consider it relatively stable. As you might know WikiPlot is a part of a project me and some of my mates have been doing in our programming lessons. Well today, it was quiet stable and we had to hand in our project, so it was hard to find a better day to call it final release 🙂

To someone this might seem like we pushed a little early release, because of our deadline. Well it’s most likely true, perhaps it should just have been a beta release. But when Novel van call OpenSuSE 10.1 a final release, then why can’t we 🙂

Anyway, we will of couse be bug fixing, but I don’t expect to find at lot of them… If you find any please report to our issue tracker…

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