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September 5, 2007 protocol version 1.2, unofficial documentation
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As I promised a few days ago I’m releasing the unofficial documentation that I’ve been developing in cooperation with Tobias Brennecke (tburny) and Matt Brown (blueboxed), two other users. This new protocol for is very interesting, it offers a small playlist instead of one long audio stream, this is nice since metadata is included in this playlist. The unofficial documentation is available from TheLastRipper wiki, here. All the operations should be possible to do with Firefox.

Anyone familiar with the old protocol (version 1.1) knows that gave you an mp3 stream, and a place to go if you wanted to request the metadata associated with the music currently playing. This wasn’t very nice, because you had to guess when a new song started, I know that the last metadata response contained information about how long the song was, but you didn’t know exactly when the song was started. Alternatively it was possible to search the stream for mp3 headers, which gave you precise information about when a new song started. But that required some computing. The new protocol just returns an XSPF playlist with mp3s and metadata, now that is very nice.

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