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January 9, 2008
If Birthday(): Year++; //Oh no I’m 20…
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Well, it happened I’m no longer a teenager, that means I just turned twenty. Unfortunately I guess it’ll also mean that I have to stop always saying what I don’t mean, and start saying what I do mean. No more useless, pointless and weird statements in the interest of a good/funny discussion of a dead topic; nope from now on it’ll just be dead discussions. Everything is serious when you not a teenager anymore, I just realized this morning when I woke… 🙂

Well, apart from the getting more serious less teenager thing, it’s also this year I’m going move away from home, at least it’s my plan to study computer science next year (meaning after summer). With regards to my birthday presents they were all move-away-from-home-stuff, pots and pans you know… But it’s pretty much what I’ve wanted too, though chance are I’m going to stave anyway when moving away from home…

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