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January 31, 2010
zbar-sharp, now bugfixed and pushed to github
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I’ve long been wanting to play with Git, but have either missed the time or the reason… Anyway, as I discovered a minor bug in the zbar-sharp bindings I recently released… I figured this might just be the kind of project I could push to github, and either forget or bugfix depending on what mood I’m in when a bug is discovered… 🙂
So I’ve created a github repository for zbar-sharp, to which I’ve published a minor bugfix… I’ve also managed to publish the documentation there… it was a bit tricky, because GitHub only wants to serve HTML files if they’re in a special branch… Nevertheless I succeeded… And zbar-sharp can now be found here:

By the way did I mention, git is really nice… I just had a little fun making a bugfix branch and merging it…

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