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June 25, 2010
groo, a GRim Object Oriented programming language
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Hmm… Not the official title of my fourth semester project at Aalborg University. For which I just got an A… and have been thinking about publishing since I handed it in.

This semester my group have designed and implemented a small statically typed object oriented language slightly inspired by Python. We wrote our own lexer and parser generator in Python, and implemented the compiler in C++. And just for the record we implemented the DFA of the lexer and PDA of the parser using goto’s, inspired by re2c, this was quite fun and the result very fast.

The language is called groo (that was the best name we could come up with), it compiles into gril (groo intermediate language) which in turn run on VROOM (groo virtual machine) where memory is managed by MOM (Mark-sweep Object Manager). Whilst this isn’t the best project yet, and all the acronyms doesn’t make much sens, I really like to say that when we need to release memory we call MOM to clean up 🙂
(I appoligies for my crazy sens of humor).

I don’t think the project is of much use to anybody else… But if you want to play with simple, well documented compiler in C++, this might be it… Also the parser generator is AFAIK pretty unique, haven’t see anybody else implement a parser using goto’s… Anyway the project report and groo compiler source code is all in English and available here:

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