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December 30, 2018
From Mozilla, San Francisco to Google, Aarhus Denmark
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Standing at the end of 2018 and having written no blog posts all year, I figure now would be a good time to give a brief personal note on what changed in my life in 2018.

Having realized that I didn’t want to make my life in America permanent, I relocated from San Francisco to Aarhus (Denmark) in April. I had a lot of great experiences in the Bay Area, both personally and professionsally. But I also missed friends and family, so moving back wasn’t a hard decision. In some ways it’s surprising it took this long. I like to joke that Trump made me want to move back to Denmark, but truth is that a run in with one of the many homeless people in San Francisco is enough to make me long for the welfare state I grew up in.

Leaving Mozilla, however, was not an easy decision — I wish to stress that I left Mozilla after relocating (not because of my decision to relocate). After 5 years at Mozilla I needed new challenges. I spent almost all my time at Mozilla building TaskCluster, the task-graph execution framework powering continuous integration and release processes at Mozilla. Having been part of this project from the very start and allowed to take major design decisions, it was hard to leave this project behind. Yet, I have absolute confidence that my co-workers will be able to take this project into the future.

In August I joined the Dart team at Google in Aarhus, to work on Dart related matters. Not being able to talk about everything I do is new to me, but as things become public I might try to write a technical note from time to time. Most of my work will still be open source, and if you stalk me on GitHub you’ll already have seen me involved in the package hosting service dart. So far working at Google have been a joy — the food is pretty good!

This was also the year where I finally got an apartment with more than one room! And I bought real non-IKEA furniture like a grown-up would do, hehe. I also bought my first car (Blue, Toyota Yaris H2), and slowly getting good at not driving into bus-only lanes! Between my employment at Mozilla and Google, I spent a week of my summer attending YMCA-YWCA children summer camp again — lots of fun, pirate boat sailing and water fights. Overall I’m greatly enjoying the changes I’ve made, and looking forward to 2019.


  1. Hey Jonas! All the best at Google!

    I also got my first car! It’s a VW suv for getting through the snow here in Toronto.

    Hope you’re doing well!

    Comment by jlin — March 4, 2019 @ 2:57 pm

  2. Man, this is inspiring. Hope to work on the same things in the future! All the best, Jonas.

    Comment by Joshua D. — October 14, 2019 @ 11:43 pm

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